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Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is purely a game of chance. The odds will always be slightly in the casinos favor. That being said, there are several things a smart baccarat player can do such as using a bankroll management strategy, stop losses and start wins.

Expert mathematicians have for a long time inferred that baccarat, like blackjack may be susceptible to a card counting system that tilts the odds slightly in the players favor and destroy the casinos edge. That being said, mathematicians have also worked out that this edge comes about 1 hand in per 8 deck shoe. Considering this, a player would have to count cards continuously before placing one bet where he thinks he might have a slight edge. Naturally this is not practical since a casino would not allow you to do this. Players looking for an edge on the casino might as well look elsewhere.

Before sitting down at a baccarat table we advise that players figure out a stop loss or stop win amount. For example, if you sit down at the table with $200, you might want to set your stop loss at $100 and leave the table then. Likewise, if you have made $100 profit, you might want to take your original stake + $50 profit off the table so that you have profited no matter what but still have a chance to run up your $50 in to a handsome profit.

In short, players should learn how to walk away from the table with winnings and also to stop chasing losses when they are having a losing session. None of this advice has anything to do with the odds of winning or losing at baccarat. Those odds are static and there is nothing you can do to change them. However, you do have control over when you take a win and when you take a loss. Carefully planning your exit point on either a win or a loss is crucial to how much you enjoy your gaming experience and your overall bottom line.

Baccarat Systems

There are various baccarat systems similar to how there are roulette and blackjack systems. For example Martingale, reverse Martingale and Fibonacci systems. These systems however do not change the fundamental odds of the game.

Mathematicians know that the house has a minimum of 1.17% advantage at baccarat. This means that for ever hundred dollars you wager your expected loss is $1.17. Sadly, there is basically nothing you can do to skew the odds in your favor. It’s obviously possible to win in the short term or even the semi long term due to statistical variance. That being said, the house understands the law of big numbers and the more you play the game, the more that 1% edge counts and the more likely the house is to win money.

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